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Welcome to

First off, please excuse the website. It was thrown together in less than 12 hours, and is under heavy construction.

As Lead Developer for SENukeX, I have received several support calls where people are having issues with their VPS Servers and SENuke. Since I am considered a hardware expert anyway, and have several of my own servers at various datacenters in the USA, I decided it was time to get in to the VPS business. Unlike others selling VPS Servers for SENuke, I own the server hardware and software and am not a reseller for another company. I designed the servers from the ground up with SENuke in mind, and the only VPS partitions I will sell on these servers will be to run SENuke and related SEO applications.

In addition, purchasing a VPS from will ensure that you have the best support possible. As lead developer of SENukeX, I know what hardware and software configurations are best for Nuke's operation, and will personally pre-configure your VPS to be optomized for SENukeX. I will have quick and secure access to log in to your server and fix any problems that come up. If the problem is SENukeX related, support is free and fast, guaranteed.

For most Nukers I would suggest you sign up for the Standard plan, which gives you 2GB of RAM. In my testing, that is enough for most people's use of SENuke. If you are a hard core nuker, you may want to use the Plus or Enterprise versions, which contain both more RAM as well as a higher percentage of CPU and Thread usage.

Well, that's my pitch. It is my hope that the service speaks for itself and fills these servers up. Initially I will only have room for about 50 users, since I will not over-fill or over-sell my sex resources. I will turn off registration on this site once we reach that replica rolex watches number, and re-open it again when new servers are in place to handle additional users. I will continue to porn purchase additional servers so long as there is demand.


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