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  Standard Plus Enterprise Hyper-V*
Monthly Price $39.00 $49.00 $69.00 $39.00 $49.00 $99.00
7-Day Money Back Guarantee Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
vCpu Cores 2 3 4 2 3 4
Terminal Sessions** 1 1 3 1 1 3
Disk Space*** 10GB 10GB 20GB 50GB 75GB 100GB
Data Transfer  *Unmetered *Unmetered *Unmetered *Unmetered *Unmetered *Unmetered
  Get Started Get Started Get Started Sold Out Sold Out Sold Out
24x7 Email Support Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
SENukeX RDP Support Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Adv.   (Non-SENuke) Support $35 (per incident) $35 (per incident) Yes Yes Yes Yes
  Get Started Get Started Get Started Sold Out Sold Out Sold Out
 Tools and Administration
Remote Desktop Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Full Administrative Access Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Virtuozzo Power Panel Yes Yes Yes No No No
Daily Backups Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
  Get Started Get Started Get Started Sold Out Sold Out Sold Out
*Hyper-V Server - Hyper-V is a different type of Virtualization system that allows a broader spectrum of software to be run than NukeVPS' usual Virtuozzo Virtualization system. Each Hyper-V VPS is 100% independent. This VPS will have its own installation of Windows, instead of a virtual copy of window like with Virtuozzo. The largest advantage to this is the ability to use OpenVPN technology easily and safely, whereas Virtuozzo only allows PPTP, which causes some issues from time to time.  This package is suggested for anyone wanting to use HMA. RAM is also handled differently inside Hyper-V servers, and is MUCH more expensive in terms of overhead, so we have priced our plans accordingly. SenukeX was tested as stable even on the Hyper-V Lite package with only 512MB of RAM, tho it was considerably slower than the 4GB test server, as would be expected. The more RAM you have, the faster processing will be overall.

*Unmetered Bandwidth included so long as only SEO Related applications and services are running. No Web/File Servers are allowed. We can arrange for those services if you need them.. please contact us for a quote. Unusual bandwidth usage will be investigated.

**One terminal session can be used to run one instance of SENuke. With 2, you can run 2 instances of Nuke from that one VPS. This is not optimal and only recomended in cases where you need one version to run your campaigns and another to create campaigns. Running both at the same time for submissions may cause issues and is not recomended.

*** While hard drive space is limited, it is my policy to increase the hard drive space as needed at no additional charge, within reason. If you need more than double the allotted space, you may need to increase your package to Plus or Enterprise. If you are on Plus/Enterprise, and provided you can give a good reason for needing so much room, I will provide it. Further, we always monitor resource usage and will automatically up your allotment if you approach the limit set by your package.

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